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Scope of Services

A Whole Spectrum of Management and Operation Services

New World Facilities Management Company Limited ("NWFM") is a professional facilities management company dedicated to the successful management and operation of Youth Square.

NWFM covers a full range of administration, management and operation services. Besides a series of pre-opening services such as interior design, furnishing, and fitting-out works, NWFM oversees the day-to-day management of Youth Square.

Hostel Management


NWFM provides effective management and day-to-day operation of Y Loft, a 148-room hostel that is well-appointed with features and facilities catering to stays of various nature, be it a large scale youth exchange activity, individual backpacker or long stay overseas student. Coupled with various performance venues at Youth Square, the versatility of Y Loft facilitates both local and overseas youth development programmes.

Scope of Services

  • Sales and marketing of guest rooms to target users
  • Daily operation of the hostel
  • Provide and maintain internal decorations, interior design, furniture and equipment items
  • Revenue collection services
  • Information technology services
  • Licence management
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Venue and Facilities Management

NWFM provides management, operation and maintenance services to a range of venues at Youth Square including Y Theatre which has a 643 seating capacity, Y Studio the black box theatre, exhibition venues, dance studios, an indoor rock climbing facility and a variety of feature rooms such as a creative studio, a music studio, and a conference room equipped with simultaneous interpretation system. Effective venue management is the key to Youth Square becoming a focal point of territory-wide activities and a platform for youth to showcase their talents and explore their potential.

Scope of Services

  • Sales and marketing of venues to target users
  • Theatrical and technical support to hirers
  • Accounts services and booking administration
  • License management
  • Provide and maintain audio and theatrical equipment
  • Provide and maintain fitting-out items and furniture
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Property Management

NWFM embraces a whole series of property management functions to support the operation of Youth Square with the view to providing a user-friendly environment for users of Youth Square. Property Management Services comprise four areas of services: security services, cleansing services, repair and maintenance services, and landscape services.

Security Services

Security Services provides a safe environment for users of Youth Square and safeguards the 2-tower complex against damage.

  • Security and patrolling services
  • Precautionary measures to prevent or minimise damage to the facility
  • Emergency incident handling
  • Order and crowd control of the common areas
  • Staff training

Cleansing Services

Cleansing Services provide a clean and hygienic environment for users of Youth Square.

  • Cleansing and sanitation services to the common areas, areas available for public booking, hostel rooms, leased and unleased areas
  • Cleansing and sanitation services to all areas of Youth Square including the interior and exterior wall surfaces of the facility

Repair and Maintenance Services

Repair and Maintenance Services ensure that the building, electrical and mechanical installations, facilities, equipment and systems are in good condition.

  • Repair and maintenance works of electrical and mechanical systems and all facilities of Youth Square including fire services system, lifts, escalators, electrical distribution system, ventilation system, lighting system, drainage system, gondola system, and audio-visual equipment
  • Building maintenance services provide day-to-day and routine building maintenance to the Main Block and the Hostel Block of Youth Square
  • Provision of preventive maintenance services to keep the facilities in fit-for-use condition

Landscape Maintenance Services

Landscape Maintenance Services keep Youth Square in a fresh and green environment for the enjoyment of users.

  • Management of all the indoor and outdoor landscape, plants and garden areas
  • Provision of replacement green in case of damage

Information Technology Services

Information Technology Services provide efficient communications system and equipment to ensure smooth operation of Youth Square and satisfaction of users.

  • Provision of efficient Wi-Fi access and online service
  • Provision of information technology systems and equipment
  • Repair and maintenance of information technology systems and equipment
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Leasing Services

Leasing Services ensure that all the leased areas including the retail area and the office area are used by eligible users and in accordance with the tenancy agreements.

  • Marketing of lease units to target users
  • Execution of tenancy agreement
  • Collection of rent and management fee
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Events and Marketing Services

Events and Marketing Services organize monthly venue promotion programmes and activities for youth to enhance the public awareness of Youth Square.

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Customer Relations Services

Customer Relations Services are the key to the provision of quality service and ensure views of users are handled properly with the aim of attaining satisfaction on the part of users.

  • Enquiry and feedback handling
  • Staff training on customer service
  • Enhancement measures to achieve service improvement
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